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Apponequet Regional High School, Lakeville, Massachusetts


Norma McNally


Jesse Cowan, Kyle Forward, Andy Goggins, Chris Masse, Kevin McCullough, Kenny Murray, Cara Worcester


Fall Brook is located off of Route 140 in Lakeville, about two miles away from Apponequet High School. It is a third order stream with a sub-basin area of 10.31 square miles and flows into Long Pond. Fall Brook has been studied previously due to a milfoil infestation along some of its reaches. We chose to study whether this infestation has progressed further downstream and if there is any effect on the water quality.

Data collected for nutrients, pH, DO and temperature do not indicate that conditions have changed appreciably since 2002-2003 (year of last study). Nutrient data showed overall low concentrations, consistent with historical data. DO and temperature were seasonally within normal range and exhibited expected fluctuations. PH was acidic (4.9-5.1) and, although well below normal values for freshwater, historically consistent with previous data.

Interviews of residents along Fall Brook indicate that the milfoil has spread from the original site at the pond on Howland Road to the reaches behind the library site downstream. Although milfoil is known to be in Long Pond, no evidence of the plant was found between the dam downstream of the library site and Long Pond.

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