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Nicholas DeCastro


War is a creation of mankind that has evolved along with human civilization, leaving a bloody trail in its wake. As there are those in our world who strive to improve peacetime society, there are also those who push the limits of weaponry and revolutionize the way war is waged. In this day and age, opposing forces rarely meet on a traditional battlefield but instead inflict death and destruction from across the horizon with weapons of catastrophic capability. Consequently the costs of developing such advanced war machines are increasingly heavy. With this rapid evolution of combat and the weaponry used in it, my question is simple: Are all the advancements truly worth the cost?

Note on the Author

Nicholas DeCastro is a freshman Athletic Training major at Bridgewater State University. He wrote his research paper as a part of his First Year Seminar course, “A Soldier’s Narrative,” taught by Professor Stacy Moskos Nistendirk.

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