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Christie Bowles


This study focuses on 13 salvia divinorum users, specifically seeking to understand the social, situational, and individual factors influencing their decision to use. Through semi-structured, in depth interviews, patterns such as the methods of use, settings of use, other frequently used drugs, and persistence or desistance of use are explored. Currently, there is limited research on salvia or the people who use this drug, and without this substantial research, the most effective way to address salvia use will remain unknown.

Note on the Author

Christie L. Bowles is a senior majoring in Criminal Justice. Her research was made possible by the Adrian Tinsley Summer Research Grant program during the summer of 2009. With guidance and support from her mentor, Dr. Dina Perrone, Christie was able to conduct qualitative research in her field of study and presented her findings at the annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology in Philadelphia last November.

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