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Kira Archibald


The prevalence of problematic drinking behavior in college age students is an alarming 83% (NIAAA, 2008). Unfortunately problem alcohol use is not the only problem college students face today. College students, especially females, also have a high rate of body image problems and high rates of social anxiety. With all of these problems so prevalent in this population, it is necessary to examine how these variables interact with each other to affect an individual’s life. Many studies have paired these variables together to examine their connections and have found strong connections; however, no studies have examined the relationships among all three. Could these three variables coincide to exacerbate the effects each one has on an individual?

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Kira Archibald is a senior psychology major. This piece was conducted with funding with a 2009 Adrian Tinsley Program summer research grant. Kira worked under the mentorship of Dr. Teresa King and was presented at the 2009 ATP Summer Research Symposium and at the 2010 Eastern Psychological Association Conference in New York.

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