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Silent Devotion

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Thu Huynh


On my first day I stepped into class, I attempted to avoid nervousness and unfamiliarity which usually happens to all freshmen. My first class started at 9:05; I saw a lot of people sitting in class, and I thought that I was already late. I opened the door and everyone looked at me like a stranger. The one who looked at me with a tender smile was Professor Jennifer K*, my math teacher. She asked me whether or not I should be in her class at this time; politely, I answered her that my class started at 9:05. Then she told me that I should be in her next class. I was embarrassed and ran out of class. But one thing I realized was that my math professor was a friendly person. She made me feel like I was still in high school.

Note on the Author

Thu Huynh is a freshman. She wrote this essay for Dr.Cox’s Profile Essay Project.

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