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The field of philosophy is unique, as it allows one to logically examine issues in all disciplines, from science to politics to art. One further important discipline that philosophy examines is criminal justice. In this respect, one approach philosophy can take when examining criminal justice is to assess each issue by questioning its morality—that is, whether an action within the issue is right or wrong based upon a system of ethics. This approach concerns the subfield of philosophy known as ethics, a subfield that includes questions concerning what is morally good and morally bad. When one is faced with an ethical situation, one must decide whether or not the action is morally good. It is important for one to understand that these issues in question, especially those in the field of criminal justice, provide great topics for debate and discussion. It is within these debates and discussions that individuals support their beliefs of the morality of an action with ethical systems.

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Joe Moloney is a junior studying criminal justice and philosophy. Currently he is enrolled in a directed study with Dr. Olson of the Department of Criminal Justice learning how to map crime and analyze crime data.

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