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Gary Forrester


The Sun is currently in a quiescent phase called solar minimum. We used Bridgewater State College’s (B.S.C.’s) Small Radio Telescope (SRT) to observe solar radio emission during this quiet phase and correlated our data to solar X-ray data readily available through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Previous observations made during a period of high solar activity (solar maximum) using one of M.I.T.’s SRTs showed that some solar radio and X-ray events were correlated, while others were not. We made observations during solar minimum and found one event where there was a correlation between radio and X-ray emission.

Note on the Author

Gary Forrester is a recent graduate of Bridgewater State College with majors in Physics and Mathematics. His research was funded with a 2009 Adrian Tinsley Program summer grant under the mentorship of Dr. Martina Arndt of the Physics Department. This work was accepted for presentation at the 2010 National Conference for Undergraduate Research.

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