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Derek Ferris


Northern Peru will face critical water resource issues in the near future as permanent ice in the Andes Mountains continues to rapidly melt. Ironically, the melt-water from these glaciers supports the culture of 100s of thousands of people living at lower elevations, particularly during the dry season, and predictions suggest some glaciers may be gone in less than 100 years. The impact of local warming of “U” shaped valleys running down the dryer western slope of the Andes range is largely disregarded in current climate model predictions because of the complexity of simulating the complex topography. Studies that compare the influence of regional and local warming factors are lacking, particularly in the Peruvian Andes. This project will use automatic weather station data within the Llanganuco Valley and archives of weather maps to determine the importance of local winds that funnel warm air up toward the glaciers.

Note on the Author

Derek Ferris conducted this research with funding from a 2009 ATP Summer grant under the mentorship of Dr. Rob Hellstrom, assistant professor in the Geography Department. Derek presented this research at the 2009 Adrian Tinsley Undergraduate Research Summer Symposium. Derek graduated from BSC in December 2009.

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