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Bonnie Fletcher


While research suggests positive effects of massage on psychological health, little is known about the effects of massage on body image. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of massage on body image and to examine relationships between body image and attitudes toward massage. Twenty-one female college students aged 18 to 67 (M=25.2, SD=13.20) were randomly assigned to either a massage or control condition. Participants completed questionnaires measuring body image state and trait, attitudes toward massage, and demographics. It was hypothesized that the experimental group would show greater body image change than the control group. Results showed improved body image in both conditions, while large correlations were found between body image and attitudes toward massage.

Note on the Author

Bonnie Fletcher is a senior majoring in Psychology and Physical Education, with a concentration in Exercise Physiology, and a minor in Art. She conducted this research under the mentorship of Dr. Teresa King of the Psychology Department. After presenting this research at the 2009 National Conference for Undergraduate Research in Wisconsin, Bonnie will begin working on her interdisciplinary Honors Thesis.

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