Note on the Author

Sierra Beaulac is a 2023 graduate of Bridgewater State University with degrees in history, secondary education, and a minor in social studies. Mentored by Dr. Erin O’Connor, professor, and chair of the history department, the yearlong research project was completed in the spring of 2023. With a lifelong passion for history, Sierra used her time at Bridgewater State University to gain an in-depth understanding of Latin American history. Sierra also used independent projects and assignments within her upperlevel classes to explore less acknowledged perspectives of history including women and gender studies. Both avenues of historical analysis and understanding helped to develop extensive research exploring the genderbased history of the Cuban Revolution. Sierra is also the recipient of the Gretchen Stone Cook Teaching American History Scholarship as well as the James M. Neiland Endowed Scholarship. Since graduating from Bridgewater State University, Sierra has become a sixth-grade social studies teacher in New Bedford Massachusetts. Sierra plans to pursue her master's degree in history education from Bridgewater State University.

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