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Allyson Surette


In this paper, the author reflects on the issue of population by examining it through a discussion of one of the most well-known population regulatory laws in the world also known as the One-Child Policy. In her essay, she discusses its history, its implication, and the effect it had on its society even after it was abolished.

Note on the Author

Allyson Surette is currently a senior majoring in History and Secondary Education, with a minor in Social Studies. Her research project was completed during the winter of 2020 as a final project in Dr. Bingyu Zheng’s (History) course on the history of China under communism. It was made possible through extensive use of the Maxwell Library and its staff, which helped compile the sources necessary to make this essay possible. She plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Medieval History after a few years of work as a high school history teacher in Massachusetts.

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