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Herbert Leonard


This study investigates the linguistic performance of heritage language learners (HLLs) and second language learners (SLLs) in perceiving and producing the subjunctive mood in Spanish. Twentysix undergraduate students taking upper-division Spanish classes participated in the current study. The results revealed that HLLs were more confident in their choice and correctly selected the subjunctive mood more often than SLLs. Critically, this finding contradicts previous research where HLLs were often less confident in their linguistics abilities and command of subjunctive mood. In addition, this study suggests that knowing a third cognate language might have an effect in correctly identifying these verbal forms. Further research in that area of inquiry is recommended.

Note on the Author

Herbert Leonard is a Spanish and Secondary Education double major and is completing a TESOL/TEFL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages & Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate. His research was completed under the mentorship of Dr. Fernanda Ferreira (Global Languages and Literatures). Herbert is a teacher who plans to continue in that career, sharing his passion for languages. He also hopes to pursue advanced degrees in both education and linguistics

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