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Melanie Tummino


It all started in the 1990s when two young and motivated men, Dimitris Georgakopoulos and Michael Monteiro, had a vision to pursue their interest in business. Already having had experience working in the IT department at Sapient Corporation, a marketing and consulting company that supports clients with technology, marketing, and management, the entrepreneurs decided to put their time and money towards purchasing their first rental properties in Providence, Rhode Island.

Georgakopoulos and Monteiro’s story did not start as one might imagine, considering where they are today. Georgakopoulos is a Providence College alum and Monteiro is a Boston College alum, but they both lived in Watertown, MA in the late 90s; they commuted to Sapient together while working on the same project, which is how they first met. Having very different personalities and perspectives, they certainly did not start off on the right foot, to say the least. While Monteiro is very statistical, analytical and detail-oriented, always getting sidetracked and lost in the details, Georgakopoulos is more straightforward; he would rather get it done with imperfections than not get it done at all. Although their views seemed to clash a lot in the beginning, it was not long until they started to appreciate each other’s personas, realizing that both perspectives are essential when attempting to pursue efficiency. Long story short, they eventually learned how to make a very solid team together.

Note on the Author

Melanie Tummino graduated in May 2018 with a major in Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics. Her research project was completed in the summer of 2017 in India under the mentorship of Dr. Madhu Rao (Geography) and Dr. Martin Grossman (Business): it focused on information technology (IT) in India. This undergraduate research was made possible with the funding provided by an Undergraduate Research Abroad Grant. Melanie presented this research at the Fall 2017 Mid-Year Symposium. She plans to start a career in Data Analysis after graduation, but plans to pursue a Ph.D. after working for two years

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