Project Title

Like a Rainstorm

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Cheryl Cutter


On a hot August day, I find myself standing once again on top of Hyner Mountain, looking over the town towards two million acres of remote rolling hills in central Pennsylvania. As I stand amongst the heat and humidity, you might think I am feeling the pure joy and lightness that standing at the top of a mountain brings (see figure 1). Instead, I am feeling something heavier. I am staring out over a forgotten town, Renovo, covering an area just over one square mile, nestled along the river bank (see figure 2). This town is immersed in stretches of state forest and designated wildlife areas that spread out across central Pennsylvania like patches on a quilt. Companies want to strip this area down for its resources, burying the beauty of the land among the debris of fossil fuels. I stand with hesitation, wondering, how long could one stand here and see what I see now? How long can this wilderness remain unowned?

Note on the Author

Cheryl Cutter graduated in May 2018 with a major in History and a minor in Social Studies. Her project was completed in the Fall of 2017 under the mentorship of Professor Ronald Maribett (Geography). She plans to pursue a graduate degree in Education the Fall of 2018.

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