With rising environmental concerns, China is more interested in Photovoltaic (PV) generation than ever before. Challenged by international trade limitations following antidumping investigation, and excess inventory following overproduction of panels and components in the last five years, China is actively expanding its domestic PV market, specifically the roof-top residential system. The motivation of this research is to understand the potential domestic market by examining the first hand data collected at Chinese universities. This research investigates students’ major concerns, prior experience, awareness, knowledge and attitude toward solar PV system. The results indicate 1) There is a promising future for solar PV in China among young adopters; 2) Reception of, and participation with, solar PV can be enhanced, if students are educated on the importance of sustainable energy development and the economics of going green;3 ) Knowledge of PV products can be enhanced through advertising, education and other communication channels.

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Steven Spicer is a graduating senior majoring in Management. This research project was completed during the summer and fall of 2014 under the direction of Dr. Xiangrong Liu (Management) and made possible with funding provided by the Adrian Tinsley Program Undergraduate Research Abroad Grant. Yaqin Sun is a senior majoring in Mathematics. Yaqin is from Nanchang, Jiangxi, a southern city in China; this is her fourth year in the U.S. This experience not only strengthened her research skills, but also helped her decide her professional future. After graduating, Yaqin will pursue a PhD in the field of decision science.

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