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Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Public Administration in the College of Graduate Studies at Bridgewater State University, 2015.

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Public Administration

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Master of Public Administration


Drawing on social justice as a foundation, this study explored governmental, private and non-profit responses and assistance made available to female military veterans returning from active duty. The study determined how technology and college have helped provide solutions and support for female veterans, who have experienced deployment, to reintegrate positively into society and to improve their psychological wellbeing.

Given that many female veterans now returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are technologically well-informed, an assessment of available technological support was made to ascertain which of them were beneficial as these women sought to regain a sense of normality in their lives. The role of college in helping bolster veterans’ confidence and reintegration was also examined in terms of its constructiveness.

The research focused on female veterans who had experienced military emotional stress but were able to prevail over that stress to a state of mental well-being. This mental well-being was the research’s dependent variable. The research’s two independent variables were (1) technological support and (2) college.

Military emotional stress >> Technological support and/or college >> Mental well-being outcome

Based on this thesis’ quantitative and qualitative research data, it was evident that technological support and college have helped female veterans handle emotional distress from military service and cope with returning to civilian life.


Deniz Zeynep Leuenberger (Thesis Supervisor)

Wendy Haynes

Walter Carroll

Benjamin Carson