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Bridgewater State College


Volume 4 Staff

Laura Viola Maccarone, Editor-in-Chief
Shaylin Walsh, Editor-in-Chief
Cheryl Tullis, Webmaster
Maria Alonso
Michael Carter
Emily Goodwin
Ben Hogan
Michele Lyons
Shawna Macaulay
Corey Ritch
Charlie Robinson
Eric Smith
Emily Anne White
Derrick Zellmann

Mary Dondero, Faculty Advisor
Jerald Walker, Faculty Advisor
Linda Hall, Alumni Consultant
Rosann Kozlowski, Alumni Consultant


Columbia Scholastic Press Association

  • Silver Crown Award
  • Gold Medalist, Annual Critiques
  • 12 Gold Circle Awards:
    • The Bridge Staff; Certificate of Merit for Overall Design
    • The Bridge Staff; First Place for Overall Typography
    • The Bridge Staff; Third Place for Color Cover Design
    • Matthew M. Ryan, “Untitled”; First Place for Open Free Form Poetry
    • Sean Janson, “Think Poem”; Second Place for Open Free Form Poetry
    • Janell Nickou, “Janelle: Self-Portrait”; Second Place for Single Illustration Rendering Photographic Material
    • Michele Prunier, “She Wanted to Choose”; Second Place for Illustration Portfolio of Work
    • Sarah Huffman, “The Endangered”; Third Place for Single Illustration No Based on Photographic Material
    • Charlie Robinson, “Business as Usual”; Third Place for Two or More Color Photograph
    • Tom Garafalo, “The Tiny Hole”; Certificate of Merit for Single Illustration Not Based on Photographic Material
    • Joseph Kolczewski, “Vivification”; Certificate of Merit for Single Illustration Not Based on Photographic Material
    • Corey Ritch, “Unlocking Doors”; Certificate of Merit for Illustration Portfolio of Work


The writers and artists have consented to have their work published in this edition of the bridge and BSU’s Virtual Commons. They have reserved all other rights. Works published in the bridge are the property of the individual artists and writers and may not be reprinted or otherwise duplicated without their consent.

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the bridge, Volume 4, 2007