The formulation of a leadership development praxis: linking intentions to outcomes

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Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to formulate a leadership development praxis by integrating the theories of human agency and goal setting within an experiential framework.

Design/methodology/approach – Definitional and conceptual distinctions are made between leader and leadership development: this conceptual clarity allows for the development and explication of three interrelated propositions.

Findings – The analysis suggests that although each proposition focuses on a different phenomenon, level of analysis, and level of abstraction, these phenomena are connected, consistent with one another, and consistent with the conceptualization of leadership development provided herein; that is, leadership development is an active, intentional forward-looking process that seeks to enhance the collective capacity of organizational members and the organization through human-centered, goal-inspired relationships.

Practical implications – The present research has direct implications for leadership development education, communicating organizational goals, and virtual teams.

Originality/value – This paper provides a leadership development praxis by showing how the broad, abstract concepts of human agency are mirrored in the action oriented constructs of goal setting and concretized within an experiential framework.

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Olivares, O.J. (2008). The formulation of a leadership development praxis: linking intentions to outcomes. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 29(6), 530-543.