Submissions from 2017


Bridgeman Images, Natyra Pancsofar

Submissions from 2016


Strengthening Information Literacy in a Writing-designated Course in the Mathematics Major, Laura K. Gross, Sheau-Hwang Chang, and Marcia Dinneen


Artsy, Michael A. Somers


Creating Order: The Role of Heuristics in Website Selection, Elizabeth R. Spievak and Pamela Hayes-Bohanan

Submissions from 2014


Energizing Subject Guide Service with Web 2.0, Sheau-Hwang Chang


A Current Snapshot of Institutional Repositories: Growth Rate, Disciplinary Content and Faculty Contributions, Ellen Dubinsky

Submissions from 2013


Librarian Mentoring of an Undergraduate Research Project, Pamela Hayes-Bohanan


Just Enough of a Good Thing: Indications of Long-Term Efficacy in One-Shot Library Instruction, Elizabeth Spievak and Pamela Hayes-Bohanan

Submissions from 2011


Building Community Partnerships in a Common Reading Program, Pamela Hayes-Bohanan

Submissions from 2010


Beyond Citation Analysis: A Model for Assessment of Research Impact, Cathy C. Sarli, Ellen K. Dubinsky, and Kristi L. Holmes


Academic Libraries: Changes and Challenges, Michael Somers

Submissions from 2009


Integration of Web 2.0 Technologies in the Translational Research Environment, Kristi L. Holmes and Ellen K. Dubinsky

Submissions from 2008


You can lead students to sources, but can you make them think?, Pamela Hayes-Bohanan and Elizabeth R. Spievak


In the Beginning: Academic Libraries and Academic Commons, Michael Somers

Submissions from 2007


Full Text Article Linking, Where are We Now?, Sheau-Hwang Chang

Submissions from 2006

EBSCO A to Z Administrative User Interface, Sheau-Hwang Chang and Janet Essency

EBSCO A to Z Public User Interface, Sheau-Hwang Chang and Janet Essency

Submissions from 2005


Form Follows Vision: Creating Student-Centered Learning Spaces, Michael Somers

Submissions from 2004


AgeSource Worldwide, Kendra St. Aubin

Submissions from 2003


DLF Electronic Resource Management Initiative, Sheau-Hwang Chang


Institutional Repositories: the Library’s New Role, Sheau-Hwang Chang

Submissions from 2002

Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD), Sheau-Hwang Chang

FRBR and FRBRization, Sheau-Hwang Chang

New Column: Archives & Manuscripts, Sheau-Hwang Chang

The Foundation of the Next Generation of Library Management System, Sheau-Hwang Chang

Submissions from 2001

EAD: A True Machine-readable Encoding Standard for the Archivists, Sheau-Hwang Chang

Extended WorldCat - the Earth's Largest Library, Sheau-Hwang Chang

Future of OPAC: Save It or Leave It Alone, Sheau-Hwang Chang

Implications of TEI, Sheau-Hwang Chang

Submissions from 2000

ALISE Conference Connection, Sheau-Hwang Chang

Celebrating the New Millennium with a New Dublin Core Column, Sheau-Hwang Chang

Organizing Internet Resources - Past, Present, and Future, Sheau-Hwang Chang

Submissions from 1999


OML Macros: Web Presentation Guidelines and Source List, Sheau-Hwang Chang

The Current State of Web Search Engines, Sheau-Hwang Chang

Use of OML since Its Debut, Sheau-Hwang Chang

Submissions from 1995


Versatility of the PRISM SaveScreen Facility and Function Keys in Training and Analysis, Sheau-Hwang Chang and Shu-Chen Tu