Submissions from 2016


The Effects of Textual Enhancement Type on L2 Form Recognition and Reading Comprehension in Spanish, Ryan M. LaBrozzi


Cámara Obscura, Miradas Asesinas, Historias del “Yo”: Género y Aparato Cinematográfico.” ("Camera Obscura, Killer Looks, Stories of the ‘I’: Gender and Cinematic Apparatus"), Leora Lev

Submissions from 2015


Portuguese Language Programs in New England: Maintenance and Diversification, Juliana Luna Freire and Fernanda Ferreira

Submissions from 2014


Transforming the Classroom – and the World: Voices from a Culturally Inclusive Pedagogy Faculty Learning Community, Joyce Rain Anderson, Barbara Bond, Jeanean Davis-Street, Sabrina Gentlewarrior, Minae Savas, and Deborah Sheehy


Uninhabited Dresses: Frida Kahlo, from Icon of Mexico to Fashion Muse, Alba F. Aragon

Submissions from 2013

The Everything Brazilian Portuguese Phrase Book, Fernanda Ferreira


Our Rapists, Ourselves: Women and the Staging of Rape in the Cinema of Pedro Almodóvar, Leora Lev

Voices from the Past: Symbolic Madness in the Noh Play Kinuta, the Fulling Block, Minae Savas

Submissions from 2012


[Review of the book: Working Portuguese for Beginners by Monica Rector, Regina Santos, & Mercelo Amorim], Fernanda Ferreira


[Review of the book: Retrato do Brasil em Cordel (Portrait of Cordel in Brazil) by Mark Curran], Fernanda Ferreira

The Everything Brazilian Portuguese Practice Book, Fernanda Ferreira


Familiar Story, Macbeth—New Context, Noh and Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood, Minae Savas

Submissions from 2011

The Influence of Noh on Kumonosu-jō (Castle of the Spider’s Web) (能の魅力と黒澤明の「蜘蛛巣城), Minae Savas

Submissions from 2010


Interstitial Horror, Leora Lev

The Challenges of Translating Poetry: Rhetoric to Invoke the Inner Landscape of the Madwoman, Minae Savas

Submissions from 2009

Marcadores de Plural no Português Brasileiro e no Crioulo Cabo-Verdiano, Fernanda Ferreira

Submissions from 2008


Pomo cybertheory, Leora Lev

Submissions from 2007

Everything Learning Brazilian Portuguese Book : Speak, Write and Understand Portuguese in No Time, Fernanda Ferreira


Touring Post-America, Leora Lev

Submissions from 2006

Enter at Your Own Risk : the Dangerous Art of Dennis Cooper, Leora Lev

Submissions from 2005

That's not how my grandmother says it: Portuguese heritage learners in southeastern Massachusetts, Fernanda Ferreira

Submissions from 2003


Hearts of Darkness, Leora Lev


Processions of simulacra, volatile bodies: Spanish studies and theory, fin de millennium, Leora Lev

Submissions from 2001


Queer Iberia, Leora Lev

Returns of the repressed: Memory, oblivion, and abjection in Spanish cinema, Leora Lev