Submissions from 2016


The Effects of Textual Enhancement Type on L2 Form Recognition and Reading Comprehension in Spanish, Ryan M. LaBrozzi


Cámara Obscura, Miradas Asesinas, Historias del “Yo”: Género y Aparato Cinematográfico.” ("Camera Obscura, Killer Looks, Stories of the ‘I’: Gender and Cinematic Apparatus"), Leora Lev

Submissions from 2015


Portuguese Language Programs in New England: Maintenance and Diversification, Juliana Luna Freire and Fernanda Ferreira

Submissions from 2014


Uninhabited Dresses: Frida Kahlo, from Icon of Mexico to Fashion Muse, Alba F. Aragon

Submissions from 2013


Our Rapists, Ourselves: Women and the Staging of Rape in the Cinema of Pedro Almodóvar, Leora Lev

Voices from the Past: Symbolic Madness in the Noh Play Kinuta, the Fulling Block, Minae Savas

Submissions from 2012


[Review of the book: Working Portuguese for Beginners by Monica Rector, Regina Santos, & Mercelo Amorim], Fernanda Ferreira


[Review of the book: Retrato do Brasil em Cordel (Portrait of Cordel in Brazil) by Mark Curran], Fernanda Ferreira


Familiar Story, Macbeth—New Context, Noh and Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood, Minae Savas

Submissions from 2011

The Influence of Noh on Kumonosu-jō (Castle of the Spider’s Web) (能の魅力と黒澤明の「蜘蛛巣城), Minae Savas

Submissions from 2010


Interstitial Horror, Leora Lev

The Challenges of Translating Poetry: Rhetoric to Invoke the Inner Landscape of the Madwoman, Minae Savas

Submissions from 2009

Marcadores de Plural no Português Brasileiro e no Crioulo Cabo-Verdiano, Fernanda Ferreira

Submissions from 2008


Pomo cybertheory, Leora Lev

Submissions from 2007


Touring Post-America, Leora Lev

Submissions from 2005

That's not how my grandmother says it: Portuguese heritage learners in southeastern Massachusetts, Fernanda Ferreira

Submissions from 2003


Hearts of Darkness, Leora Lev


Processions of simulacra, volatile bodies: Spanish studies and theory, fin de millennium, Leora Lev

Submissions from 2001


Queer Iberia, Leora Lev

Returns of the repressed: Memory, oblivion, and abjection in Spanish cinema, Leora Lev

Seasons in hell [Review of the book. Period by Dennis Cooper], Leora Lev

Submissions from 2000


Tesis [Review of the film Tesis, by Alejandro Amenábar], Leora Lev

'Tis a Pity She's a Corpse: Remembering, dismembering, and modernism in Valle-Inclan’s Sonatas, Leora Lev

Submissions from 1998

Fragments of a Lover's Discourse: Dennis Cooper's ‘Guide’, Leora Lev

Submissions from 1995

Tauromachy as a spectacle of gender revision in matador, Leora Lev