Majid Mohammadi


After presenting a compendium of the structural and ideological gender inequalities in the Iranian society, mostly in post-revolutionary era, this article provides basic information and analysis about Iranian feminists in the civil rights movement framework. It also reviews the relationship between Iranian feminism on the one hand and democratization process and demand for vindication of civil rights of all Iranian citizens as the main issues of this movement on the other. This review will be done in three parts: the essence of Iranian feminism in post-revolutionary Iran including a sustained critique of Iranian feminism, the interactions of women activists and other activists in this movement, and the impact of Iranian feminism on the Iranian civil rights movement and vice versa.

Author Biography

Majid Mohammadi is a research fellow at PIIRS, Princeton University. He has been granted dozens of research funds and is the author of several books, including Judicial Reform in 20th Century Iran (2007), Political Reforms Quandary in Iran Today (2000), and An Introduction to Sociology and Economics of Culture in Iran Today (1998).