This study was conducted to examine the implications of male gender roles and sexuality for University girls’ HIV/AIDS awareness. Information was elicited from 2399 randomly selected undergraduate students, from the nine faculties of the University of Lagos, Nigeria. Results indicate moderate levels of HIV/AIDS awareness and that of the hypothesis testing showed a no significant difference at p> 0.05, as a result of male gender roles. The paper draws the conclusion that the prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS was on the increase, and that University undergraduate girls are more vulnerable because of high risks of sexual behaviour for monetary gains. The paper also concludes that intervention strategies cannot be achieved without addressing the issue of male gender roles and sexuality in the spread of HIV/AIDS infection.

Author Biography

S. O. Momoh, Institute of Education, Ambrose Alli Univeristy, Ekpoma, Nigeria

Chinedum Godson Asagwara, Department of Educational Foundations, University of Calabar, Nigeria

Ugiomoh Maria Meriamu, Marjos International College, Lagos, Nigeria