Rula B. Quawas


Huda Shaarawi was one of the first Egyptian women who argued for women’s liberation, starting with education which would lead to full participation in the social and cultural reform and result in social usefulness and in legal and civic equality. A socialist feminist, Shaarawi promoted a successful program for social change not only from within the existing social and political order but also from within the framework of Islam and its value system. She came to be a speaking subject of feminist politics and a feminist living text for the women of her own generation. She was, and still is, a leader of feminist thought who stands as firmly as men do upon the ground of individual freedom and legal justice.

Author Biography

Rula B. Quawas is an Associate Professor of American Literature at the University of Jordan, Amman. She has a Ph.D. in American Literature from the University of North Texas. She has been teaching American women writers and American feminism since 1996, and she is a strong advocate of women’s rights. She has written numerous articles on American and Arab women writers and has coauthored some textbooks that are currently being used at the University of Jordan. She is the Director of the Women’s Studies Center at the University of Jordan and her aspiration in life is to help Arab women shed their shackles and assert themselves so that they could be whoever they are capable of becoming.