This paper examines managerial attitudes toward women managers in Turkey and Pakistan by using “Managerial Attitudes toward Women Executives Scale (MATWES)” and draws a cross-cultural comparison between these two countries’ respondents. Significant differences were found in several managerial attitudes between these two countries’ respondents, and both women and men in Turkey have a negative attitude toward women managers as compared to Pakistani respondents. In contrast to the early findings in the literature, women’s attitudes toward women managers in Turkey were more negative than that of men’s while Pakistani women have more favorable attitudes than Turkish women toward women managers. The last result of this study indicated that Pakistani men showed more positive attitudes toward women managers than Turkish men.

Author Biography

Dr. Semra Güney, Associate Professor Hacettepe University, Department of Business Administration, Beytepe-Ankara, Turkey

Raheel Gohar, PhD Student NUST Institute of Management Sciences, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Sevcan Kılıç Akıncı, PhD Student Ataturk University, Department of Public Administration, Erzurum, Turkey

Mehmet Mutlu Akıncı, PhD Student Hacettepe University, Department of Statistics, Ankara, Turkey