Teresa Camacho


Following a review of the primary sources La leyenda de los siete infantes de Lara, The Nibelungenlied and Njal’s Saga the role of women and their role in exacting blood vengeance within a medieval context will be compared. The analysis is based upon the primary sources as well as some Spanish legal precedents and this is the basis for the comparative study and the roots in Germanic law of some aspects of medieval Spanish law.

Author Biography

Teresa Camacho is an Editorial Contributor for PersianMirror from Los Angeles, California. She is a Comparative Literature (Spanish, French, and Italian) graduate of U.C. Berkeley and is currently an independent researcher, critic and writer. Topics of interest include medieval Spanish and contemporary Latin American and Spanish literature. Also of interest are Sephardim, the culture, politics, art and religion of the Middle East and its diaspora—specifically Iran, Morocco and Lebanon.