AKM Ahsan Ullah


The paper explores the profile of the Sex Workers (SW) in Bangladesh; and the ordeals faced by them. 221 randomly selected respondents from three categories of sex workers (Hotel, brothel and floating) were interviewed using both close and open-ended questionnaire. Data show that child prostitution is quite prevalent. A higher percentage of sex workers were married compared with the singles. HSWs (Homosexual Sex Workers), on an average, entertain seven clients and BSWs (Bisexual Sex Workers) 15 clients per day. The highest percentage of child prostitutes was prevalent among the FSWs (Female Sex Workers). Hotel sex working is an emerging direction of its category. The paper concludes that dynamics of sex working in Bangladesh is extended to hotel sex working from two of its historically known categories.

Author Biography

AKM Ahsan Ullah, MSS Dhaka and MSc, AIT, Bangkok, currently pursuing his doctoral research at the City University of Hong Kong, had been working as a researcher and research coordinator in different research and development organizations in Bangladesh and beyond for the last 10 years. He is published nationally and internationally. He has authored four books. His research focus is on rural poverty analysis, women development, migration, and NGOs and micro-finance.