The objective of this study was to seek directly from culturally diverse women information on their weight control behavior. Specific questions were: What types of weight control behavior are practiced by women? 2) What factors influence participation in weight control behavior? and, 3) what are the cultural influences on women’s motivation and ability to participate in weight control behavior? Face-to-face in-depth interviews were conducted with a convenience sample of 135 middle-income women (African American, Caucasian, Mexican American, Puerto Rican) in their homes, offices, and at other places in their neighborhoods. Additional data collection included measuring body weight and height. The lived experiences of weight control behavior were similar for culturally diverse women and many factors, including, cultural influences, affect women’s ability and motivation to participate in weight control behavior. Conclusions suggest that weight control experiences of culturally diverse women need to be reflected in obesity risk reduction programs.

Author Biography

Jacqueline A. Walcott-McQuigg, PhD, RN, President and CEO, Reconciliation Incorporated