Review of The Gendered Pulpit: Preaching in American Protestant Spaces by Roxanne Mountford

Author Biography

Alwen Bledsoe and Tammie Kennedy are Graduate Teaching Associates in Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English, University of Arizona. While it might be unusual to collaborate on a book review, The Gendered Pulpit invites such an approach because of its appeal to a range of audiences and because of its use of a variety of perspectives to illuminate the embodied aspects of performance (both in and out of the pulpit). While we are both feminist academics in rhetoric with Protestant upbringings, Alwen was raised with an evangelical background that espoused sexist views about women in the pulpit; she is preparing to leave academia and enter the seminary. Tammie was raised in a church with a woman minister, and no longer attends church. We hope our collaboration captures the unique richness of the material.