This study investigated the self-perception of female educational administrators in public post-primary schools in Edo State, Nigeria. It examined the appointment of public post-primary educational administrators, determined by qualifications to the position and considered factors such as the future career aspirations of female administrators, resistance of men to women advancing to the field, and stereotypes or discrimination. The researcher constructed the instrument used in this study, titled Personnel Management Inventory (PMI). It was validated using expert opinion approach. Major findings indicated that:

  1. Women were highly discriminated against in appointment and promotion, and
  2. Women were required to stay longer in service before they were appointed to the position of educational administrators.

This study showed that there is gender discrimination and all policy makers, government and all concerned individuals who want the country to develop, therefore should discourage it.

Author Biography

Chika Josephine A. Ifedili, Ph.D., Faculty of Education, University of Benin, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria