Despite the vast volume of scholarly work on Mediterranean and the Near East the region, issues of marginalisation, discrimination, racism, and ethnic-gender groups as well as the implications of these within the context of various wider forces and structures are only lately receiving any attention at all and this paper is part of an effort to explore and expose them. The aim of this paper is to explore this otherwise forgotten area through the example of Cypriot women and their interpretations of internal ‘Others’ in Cyprus. It is thus an attempt to analyze the discourses and images adopted by women in Cyprus surrounding ‘Otherhood.’ Ultimately, the paper represents an effort to use ethnographic fieldwork and empirical data in order to explore and raise questions about women’s experiences and attitudes in Cyprus, since the androcentric cosmology common to Mediterranean societies has been largely ignored.

Author Biography

Myria Vassiliadou is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the Department of Liberal Arts, School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Law, Intercollege, Cyprus and the Director of the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies.