In this article I use Swirski’s book as a sounding board for a theoretical discussion about issues of marginality and gender in Israeli society. My aim is to discuss a number of issues connected with gender blindness that are prevalent in sociological studies about Israeli society. Namely: (1) What is the sociological manifestation of the phenomenon referred to as gender blindness? (2) Why is it that women are often excluded in theoretical analysis? (3) Why is it that women are marginalized either intentionally or accidentally? (4) What are the causes of women’s invisibility? I explain why Marxist analysis of the ineptness of Mizrahim fails to capture the specific reasons why Mizrahi women are discriminated and oppressed.


Swirski, Shlomo; 1981, Not Naturally Inept But Socialized to be Inept: A sociological Analysis and Discussions with Social Activists Both Men and Women, Haifa University Press, Haifa. The conference that celebrated the 20th anniversary of this book took place at Ben Gurion University in May 2001 in the presence of the author himself.