Author Biography

Vivienne Tailor earned her Cultural Studies MA with a concentration in Media Studies from Claremont Graduate University, her MFA in Creative Writing from National University, and her BA in English with an African American Studies certificate from the University of Georgia. Her comparative arts research centers on oppressive regime structures, healing trauma through art, and historical amnesia with the reclamation of memory and individual and national identities. She is currently editing a volume on East Asian Popular Culture and is co-editing a film studies volume on Trinh T. Minh-ha. Email id: Vivienne.Tailor@cgu.edu

Nupur Ray is an Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science, Kamala Nehru College, University of Delhi. Her areas of academic research include Political Philosophy, Gender Studies, Human Rights and Human Development. She has published widely in reputed journals including most recently in the Indian Journal of Public Health and Indian Journal of Gender Studies. Her publications also include a jointly edited book Discourse on Rights in India: Debates and Dilemmas by Routledge. She has presented papers at various prestigious international conferences. Email id: hope.nupur@gmail.com

G.T. Ntuli is a 2021-2023 post-doctoral research fellow at the University of KwaZulu Natal, supported by NIHSS for this research. She is a former educator and a principal in the South African department of Education, an ordained Minister in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, and an adjunct Lecturer at Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary in South Africa. Her keen research interest is in gender, religion, and critical identity studies, including African feminism, women studies, cultural and indigenous research, and systematic and intercontextual theological studies. Email id: Thandicot@hotmail.com

Lihini Ratwatte is a gender and development specialist experienced in research, policy analysis, and advocacy. She holds a BA in International Studies Communications and Gender Studies from Monash University, and a MA in Global Diplomacy from SOAS, University of London, with specializations in negotiation, global public policy, strategic studies, and International Economics. Drawing from her academic and professional expertise, Ms. Ratwatte’s research focuses on the nexus of gender, development, peacebuilding, and security in Sri Lanka and the broader Asia-Pacific region. Email id: Lihini.Ratwatte@gmail.com