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Our Fluttering Stranger


Currently, Lebanon is undergoing dire economic and political crises, in addition to, the August 4, 2020, Port explosion, and the worldwide Corona Virus pandemic. The country is badly in debt and a third of its population is suffering from extreme poverty. More specifically, in the past year, the country has been suffering from a shortage of fuel. To express her anger at the high rate of pollution, the narrator wrote a poem describing how the Lebanese have been living in the dark because the government can no longer supply electricity. All citizens are obliged to pay another bill for private generators. The narrator was inspired by Coleridge's poem Frost at Midnight, in which the soot, the fluttering stranger, is romantically described coming out of the fireplace; for Coleridge soot is a symbol of domestic tranquility, companionship, and deep thought. The narrator creates her version of Lebanese soot in Our Fluttering Stranger.