Teenage pregnancy is a worldwide phenomenon that affects girls as young as 10. The present qualitative study answers these questions: what are the lived experiences of young mothers at the University of Southern Mindanao? and what are the challenges faced by these young mothers? The phenomenological research design was used in this study. Due to data saturation, a total of twenty-five data sources were involved in the study. The transcribed data were coded and inductively analyzed to determine the themes and sub-themes that described the lived experiences of the girls. Thematic themes include 1. Coming of Age: The Metamorphosis, 2. Becoming a Mother, 3. Supportive Mechanism, and 4. Rebuilding Dreams through Education: Grit and Gut. Cultural and social practices include: liberal and loose relationships, easy acceptance of teenage pregnancy by the family, curiosity, and technology use. Their challenges were physiological, psychological, and financial. It is recommended that the results may be translated into an extension program that will benefit the young people at the University of Southern Mindanao.

Author Biography

The researcher is a Gender and Development (GAD) advocate and champion of the University in particular and the nation in general. She has given lectures and conducted GAD-related research and presented them in national and international conferences. Her other research interests include sociolinguistics and literature. She is currently the Campus Director of the University of Southern Mindanao—PALMA Cluster Campuses in Libungan, Cotabato, Southern Philippines.