Kashmir is located in the northern part of India in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmir has been a hotbed of violence since India’s independence. For the past 51 years, there has been an intense conflict between the locals of Kashmir and India’s Military Force, which has directly or indirectly affected the lives of millions of people. One of the most affected communities is the women in Kashmir. History provides us with the scare chronicle of gendered experiences in political violence. Women's experiences bring to light the heterogeneity of the experiences of subgroups caught in a conflict situation. Over time, the women of Kashmir have fought a long battle against the military. Further, the women of Kashmir have been hit by physical violence by both security and the military forces. This research paper tries to understand the struggle of women during the military war in the state of Kashmir. In this research paper, a critical analysis of reported incidents and cases has been studied to understand the struggle of women in the Kashmir valley. This paper examines the accounts of violence among women in Kashmir through the same lens by reviewing relevant literature. The research paper aims to propose policy interventions through findings from secondary literature.

Author Biography

Devina Neogi has completed her Master’s in Public Policy (2019) from Mount Carmel College, Autonomous, Bengaluru, India. The broader area of her study is Women's Safety and Rights in the disputed area. Currently, she is working as a Research Associate at the Ramaiah Public Policy Center.