The Egyptian youth makes up 60% of the Egyptian population. Accessing proper reproductive health information still continues to be one of the main issues that the youth in Egypt faces, especially the unmarried fragment. This situation is largely due to religious conservatism. Because this issue remains a taboo, information on STI’s, FGM, contraception, sexual consent and other sexual health-related issues remain very limited. Private hospitals and clinics in Egypt do not offer youth-friendly services and only focuses on activities that would generate income (antenatal care and delivery). The lack of knowledge leads curious young adults to refer to online sources that reflect sexual health inaccurately and inappropriately which puts women and girls at particular risk.

Author Biography

Mira Ayman is a Media and Communications student majoring in Visual Communications at the University of Wollongong in Dubai. Issues caused by conservatism and the patriarchy have always interested her, especially the impact of the patriarchal society on women and their rights. Recently, she has researched the lack of knowledge on sexual health, a basic and crucial feature of human life that is not openly discussed. In her previous research on women’s sexual health rights in Egypt, she created a digital art collage poster that contained symbols to raise awareness on the importance of sexual health and sex education. She wishes to continue down this path where she explores the violence that women face because of the traditions and customs of some Arab cultures. Email: mira.hanafi2013@gmail.com.