Ira Mahadeokar

Author Biography

My name is Ira Mahadeokar. I am a humanities student from Maharashtra, India currently studying sociology. Expressing myself through colours and drawings has come easily to me since the age of 5. Although I am familiar with several painting and drawing techniques, I prefer working mostly with the art styles of illustrating and doodling, since I find them easier to work with. Some of my inspirations are Indian Artists like Alicia D’Souza and Bombay-based illustrator Priyanka Paul as well as Hawaiian Queer illustrator Cheyne Gallarde. I have always thought of art as the best source to come to terms with reality, and personally, it allows me to express myself and the world like no other medium. Living in an age where injustices and infringements occur all around us, and being a Gen-Z kid, I tend to wish that I could bring about some form of change in the world. So, I decided to combine fields and figured that where words fail to make an impact, art might do the trick. Email: imahadeokar@gmail.com