Joy Walker

Author Biography

Joy Walker is Founder of Women Issues Communication Services Agency (WICSA). A 501(c )(3) organization.empowering women to succeed. www.wicsacom.org

In 1989, Joy created a travel museum of paintings and sculptures to fight the evils of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Nigeria. Nigerian artists of various stripes submitted different artworks to the theme of “Female Genital Mutilation: The Suffering. The Sorrow. The Setback”. The Art exhibits first opened in Lagos, Nigeria, in 1989 and at the IUPUI, Indianapolis, Indiana, before returning to Nigeria. By 2000, the artworks traveled to various parliaments in Europe, such as the British and European parliaments and also showed at various universities. In 2006 the exhibits showed in select United States universities such as Bridgewater State university, Harvard, Brandeis and Cornell universities to mention but a few. The exhibits have contributed immensely to the continuing eradication of FGM and shine light on the plight of victims and those at risk.