This article comprehensively presents evidence of shared gender economics in accessing credit for women-owned ventures. The ‘she’ based approach has faced financial-market differentiations when it comes to women’s access to finance. By reviewing and analysing approximately 125 articles, the researchers try to seek an overview of the degree of influenced financial availability to women-owned businesses, proclivity covers existing, and relevant studies based on pragmatism of gender bigotry, deep-rooted gender biases, and differences in cost and conditions observed by women-owned enterprises in accessing credit, which is an essential driver for businesses’ success. The vital detection of this research unveils that while women-owned firms face certain constraints like their men counterparts, there are many challenges that women solely face because of their gender. Risk aversion of banks, lack of financial services, lack of collateral, and low accessibility to finance are some of the specific constraints faced by women-owned businesses. Our results imply that women-owned firms have more often been credit worthy than the men-owned firms in terms of financial penetrability and debarment from the financial markets. Our main findings are focused on evaluating the gender-subordination approach adopted by the financial service providers to women-led businesses in their quest for financing.

Author Biography

Dr. Sumanjeet Singh, M. Com, MPhil, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Commerce, Ramjas College, University of Delhi.

Dr. Bishnu Mohan Dash, M.S.W. M.Phil., PhD, ICSSR Post- Doctoral Fellow, Associate Professor in Social Work, Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar College (University of Delhi).