This paper aims to analyze linguistic sexism in the Pre-intermediate Market Leader: Business English Course Book used at Sohar University to teach the following two Business English courses to level 1 students: English for Business Communication and English for Organizational Communication. Quantitative content analysis is used to investigate the following gender-related categories: pronouns, terms of address, names, gender firstness, and nouns. Study findings indicate that gender bias is still present in the Pre-Intermediate Market Leader: Business English Course Book. Men’s presence was dominant and prevalent in the following categories: names, terms of address, and the total number of men and women occurrences. Women, on the other hand, were slightly more visible than men in categories related to pronouns, gender firstness, and nouns. In addition, the study performed a statistical analysis of the total number of occurrences of men and women in all categories. The analysis indicates significant statistical differences between men and women. Statistical differences were in favor of men’s presence over women’s. In general, the Pre-intermediate Market Leader: Business English Course Book confirms the findings of many previous studies in terms of the presence of gender bias against girls/women in school curricula. The findings of the present study should help make school textbooks around the world more gender-sensitive and less biased against women.

Author Biography

Dr. Adnan Bataineh is a lecturer at Sohar University, Oman. He has a Ph.D. in Education. He received his master’s degree from Brock University, Canada. He has two honor’s bachelor degrees: French from McMaster University, Canada and Modern Languages (French & English) from Yarmouk University, Jordan. His research interests include gender studies, sociolinguistics, and second language writing.