Stephen Deepak


Organization Justice refers to the feelings and perceptions of fairness or unfairness that employees experience in the workplace. This perception differs significantly based on gender. Women employees experience justice far more differently than men, often facing discrimination, bias, and harassment. This study examines perceptions of organizational justice using four scales of dimensional justice including: Distributive, Procedural, Interpersonal and Informational Justice. The study indicates a differing perception among working women to the individual items of the construct. The findings show that working women find a certain degree of fairness in Distributive justice, though an unsatisfactory perception remains with respect to outcomes reflecting efforts. Procedural Justice shows a drastically unfair picture, pointing to the discrimination and procedural mishaps resulting in gender discrimination. Women have experienced Interpersonal Justice which reflects that they are treated with respect and dignity. Information Justice too reflects a favourable perception among the respondents except for the fact that information sharing was not perceived as candid.

Author Biography

Stephen Deepak is a Faculty at the School of Management, Kristu Jayanti College, Bengaluru. He is a certified Entrepreneurship course educator from IIM – Bangalore and Stanford University ventures program. He has 17 years of teaching experience and teaches several courses in the field of Entrepreneurship, Human Resources Management and Marketing Management. He mentors entrepreneurs and start-ups and assists in writing successful business plans. The author can be reached at stephendeepak@kristujayanti.com