Sanaz Bayat


In many cultures, women who get a divorce because of their spouse’s romantic betrayal are not truly embraced by their families and society. They are not just faced with unending, often failing struggle to claim their legal rights. In addition, their marital failure, stamped on their face, denies them any better life post-divorce. Common views toward them often intone such women’s uncommitted wrongs and wreath about the husband’s betrayal which burrows into their soul. This condition often leaves these women with few choices: to leave and wade through the darkness of socio-cultural abuse or to stay and borne about their grief and love, stuck in their hearts like an arrow. I meant for “Barren” to punctuate a remembrance of the unheard voices of such women who are too prostrated to leave.

Author Biography

Born in 1990 in Iran, Sanaz Bayat teaches literature and writing courses at University of Isfahan and University of Kashan, Ir. She is interested in Women’s literature and is currently doing research on Lynn Nottage’s and Marilynne Robinson’s fiction. She has published articles on Marilynne Robinson and her haiku is published in Acorn, a journal of contemporary haiku.