Isabel Cepeda


This essay is framed in the transformative role that sports can play in gender relations. Particularly, this essay addresses the analysis of gender pay inequality in professional tennis. Although the economic analysis offers the instruments to determine the remuneration of equilibrium in the labor market, an analytical economic view may not be sufficient when ethical elements intervene, such as social justice, equity and the fight for gender equality. The methodology consisted of searching for, and collecting data on various aspects of professional tennis, with special emphasis on: a) the prizes money received by male and female professional tennis players who compete in the most important tournaments of the main international tennis organizations; and b) the income generated by professional tennis players for the companies organizing these tournaments. The essay applies economic theory to identify equilibrium wages in this industry. The article contributes to the literature in three ways: first, it provides the collection of data on gender discrimination in professional tennis; second, it shows that the inequality of awards between men and women responds to differences in labor productivity; and third, it puts forward measures for the equalization of awards between men and women without business damage. The results are relevant since sports inspires social changes and can contribute to gender equity in other branches of activity.

Author Biography

Isabel Cepeda is tenured assistant professor at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain (Department of Economic History and Moral Philosophy). Doctor in Economics. Teacher of domestic violence and gender and specializes in gender, sexism and discrimination. Her main research topics include: gender, discrimination and violence against women. Authoress of numerous articles, books and chapters of books, in national and international publications. Referee in top-notch international scientific journals. Referee in national and international congresses of recognized prestige. E-mail: mariaisabel.cepeda@urjc.es