Prachi Priyanka


There has been a recent increase in country-focused publications on women artists in Southeast Asia that highlight the newfound interest in feminist-inspired discourses and histories of women artists. India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have shared a common history and culture for millennia. The socio-economic cultural patterns in these three countries are very similar, particularly when it comes to the status of women. Notwithstanding the difference in religions followed and practiced in these countries, the women here more-or-less experience similar challenges in their advancement. These three countries have traditionally suffered from poverty, illiteracy, health and infrastructure issues, and are bracketed as third world countries on the basis of data pertaining to aforementioned criteria for determining development. My paper aims to identify and understand the challenges of women artists in these countries and examine how these artists explore and express their identities through paintings, installation art, and performances. My study will also highlight different perspectives on the marginalization of women artists, suggesting lines of inquiry that might be profitable in the future.