What made Feminism the core of my academic and spiritual journey was the multiple questions that yearned for answers. I craved to feel the warmth of echoes created by various women with their tales. I needed assurance that women were not left powerless, and that they did have a silenced voice suppressed somehow, and somewhere, which was emerging gradually in time with a sense of pride and achievement. Above all, I wanted to know if that was all there was for me? I asked myself: As an Arab woman, is yielding to the norms and laws of a patriarchal society that suppressed my individuality the only path I could follow? This paper stems from an experience in the doctoral program at the University of Jordan when studying a Feminism course in the fall of 2012, when I was first introduced to the role of media in shaping women’s voices in various contexts.

Author Biography

Bassmah B. AlTaher is an Assistant Professor at the School of Basic Sciences and Humanities, German Jordanian University, with hands-on experience in academia. She is an English and Humanities Lecturer, an avid reader, a published researcher, and an experienced peer-reviewer. She has a PhD in English Literature from the University of Jordan and is specialized in African-American Literature and the Modern Novel. Her main interests in the field of research are Culture and Communication, Media Studies, Feminism, and Education. Email: bassmah.altaher@gmail.com