Author Biography

Su-ming Khoo is a Lecturer in Political Science and Sociology, and leads the Environment, Development and Sustainability (Whitaker Institute) and Socio-Economic Impact (Ryan Institute) Research Clusters at NUI Galway. Her research is on human rights, human development, public goods, development alternatives, decoloniality, global activism, and higher education. https://www.nuigalway.ie/our-research/people/political-science-and-sociology/sumingkhoo/

Anique Vered is an interdisciplinary scholar and her specializations include open research / public scholarship, strategic partnerships, social inclusion and decolonization, participatory cultural development, process philosophy, digital transformation and social innovation. With fifteen years of experience in communities and institutions across Australia, North America, Europe, Asia and the MENA region; partners include the United Nations Development Program’s Knowledge and Innovation Unit, Diversity Arts Australia, Concordia University, the European Commission’s DG Research and DG CONNECT, NESTA, among others.

Sayan Dey is working as a Lecturer at Yonphula Centenary College (Royal University of Bhutan). His areas of research interests are: history, archaeology, everyday decoloniality, sociology, food humanities and race studies. He can be reached at www.sayandey.com.