Bushra Al-Bustanic (b.1949) was born in Mosul, Iraq. She is one of the most famous poets of the Arab world. She is also academic and critic. She published so far fifteen collections of poems, and numerous critical essays on Arabic literature, besides a collection of short stories, called Night Calls. She chaired several literary journals in Iraq and the Arab world. Her epic poem, Andalusian Songs for the Wounds of Iraq was translated into English by Wafaa A. Abdulaali and Sanna Dhahir and published by the Edwin Mellen Press (2008). Most of her poems talk about the love of Iraq, its glorious history of Mesopotamia, besides the themes of war, the oppression of woman, and the domineering, patriarchal society.

Author Biography

Bushra Al-Bustani is from Department of English, University of Mosul, Iraq.

Wafaa A. Abdulaali translated from the Arabic.