he Security Council of the United Nations urges member countries of the United Nations to develop Follow-up Plans for Resolution 1325 of 2000, on women, peace and security. Colombia is a country with a long, armed conflict. The Government has not yet designed a plan to implement resolution 1325. During the 2012-2016 period, the Government held a round table of talks with the FARC that culminated in a peace agreement. The women's movement in the country, based on the resolutions of the Security Council, demanded the incorporation of women at the negotiating table and the incorporation of the gender perspective in the agreement under discussion. This article explores the importance of such resolutions in the political agency of women during the peace process. To this end, the mention of resolution 1325 in the political actions of the Colombian feminist movement during said period has been observed, through the review of women’s work spaces configured around 1325, women’s congresses systematization documents, and follow-up publications to the dialogue process in Havana, in addition to several interviews. The analysis carried out shows a prolific political agency of the women's movement and peace in Colombia, based on the resolutions of the Security Council. In conclusion, although the Government has not designed a plan to implement the resolutions of the Security Council, those have constituted an instrument for the enforceability of women's rights to the participation and incorporation of a 100 gender measures in the agreement reached.

Keywords: Resolution 1325; women’s agency; peace negotiation; Colombia.

Author Biography

Associated Professor at the Department of Sociology and Social Work of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). She also belongs to the Research Group on Human Security, local human development and international cooperation of Hegoa - Institute for International Cooperation and Development Studies of the UPV/EHU. She researches on gender equity policies in contexts of war and peace building. Currently, working on a PhD research on equality policies in Colombia regarding war and peace building.