Green marketing is the marketing of products that are assumed to be environmentally friendly and environmentally safe. Green marketing incorporates a wide range of actions such as production process, product modification, packaging of products, and modifying advertisements. The green marketing movement is growing rapidly across the world. Consumer awareness and motivational campaigners are needed for the development of the green market. However, the mindset of women consumers has changed in recent times and they prefer green products. Compared to other countries, in India, awareness of green products like organic food and eco-friendly products is low. Indian women consumers have very little awareness of issues such as global warming. Green is gradually becoming the representative color of eco-consciousness in India. The growing consciousness of women buyers about the origin of merchandise and global environmental crisis provides a good opportunity for entrepreneurs to attract consumers. With this in mind, data was collected to ascertain the level of concentration, preference, satisfaction, non-usage, and attitudes of consumers towards green marketing. For this study, both primary and secondary data collection and statistical investigation are used to test the hypothesis. The study reveals the relationship between age and awareness, educational qualification and preference, employment status and satisfaction, monthly income and non-usage and media, and marketing of green products.

Author Biography

Prof. Santhosh V is Assistant Professor in the Department of Commerce, Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous). The authors can be contacted at santhosh@kristujayanti.com.

Prof. Raghavendra Babuis Assistant Professor in the Department of Commerce, Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous).