Marriage, especially for women in a patriarchal society involves a huge transition process. The struggle with new responsibilities and expectations is overwhelming in itself. But with the feelings of worthlessness and feeling trapped and bound in a loveless and thankless bond, come distress and adjustment issues. According to a recent Nielsen survey on “Women of Tomorrow”, out of 21 nations and 6500 women, India is a leading nation when it comes to stress in women. About 87% of women were stressed most of the time and 82% claimed that they did not find time to relax. Women in the age range from 22 years to 55 years are the most stressed and are struggling hard to strike a balance between their home lives, social activities and jobs. The present study aims to examine depression, stress, anxiety and adjustment issues among women. A total of 80 married women were selected for the study with 40 working and 40 non-working women. The Revised Dyadic Adjustment Scale and Depression Anxiety Stress Scales were administered to collect data. Negative relationship was obtained between stress, anxiety depression and marital adjustment among married women. Anxiety and Marital adjustment are moderately correlated (-.346) while Stress (-.454) and Depression (-0.487) are highly correlated with marital adjustment.

Author Biography

Dr. Rema. M. K is currently working as Assistant Professor in the department of Psychology, Kristujayanti College. She had done several publications in national and international journals. She is interested in teaching and counselling, adolescence, adults and old age people. Mail id is dr.rema@kristujayanti.com.

Ms. Parneet Kaur is a Research Scholar at Christ University, Bangalore, India.